We’re hiring

Happy to announce, we’re hiring! We just posted three positions for junior researchers in the Datafied News Industry (DANI) research project. There are two postdoc positions and one PhD scholarship. The deadlines for applications are October 15 (the postdocs) and October 20, 2023 (the PhD). The successful candidates start February 1, 2024, or as soon as possible thereafter.

The first postdoc explores how audience data informs and influences the development and administration of paywalls. The second postdoc researches the use of audience data in developing digital news offerings (focus on AI). And the PhD (which is fully funded and runs three years) looks into how audience data changes journalistic practice and output. All research should pay attention to the Danish/Scandinavian case, but international comparison is very welcome. There is more information in the job postings, which are available on the website of Roskilde University. They contain all the formal stuff as well.

Questions? Contact project leader Aske Kammer.

Want to be a Visiting Scholar at the DANI research project?

As we get ready to kick-off the Datafied News Industry (DANI) research project, we want to mention that we welcome Visiting Scholars. It is an opportunity for both junior and senior researchers within the fields of, for example, journalism studies, media management and economics, media and communication research, political science, and data science to engage with the project and with us.

Being a Visiting Scholar here means you are our guest and collaborator for a shorter period of time. There is no “template” for how long that period of time is (could be just a few days, could be a month), or for what exactly we do with that time. What we offer is office space (with high-speed broadband), good company, a nice campus, and good possibilities for collaboration. You become part of a vibrant research environment at the Department of Communication and Arts at Roskilde University. The university is close to Copenhagen and there are good connections by train.

While you are here, we expect you to actively engage with the DANI project group and the general research environment. We also expect you to present and discuss your research – either in the Journalism and Democracy research group, in classes, and/or in public talks.

We strongly encourage Visiting Scholars to use their stay with us to explore collaborations that result in co-authored publications. In fact, we give priority to stays that pursue this goal.

Here is the fine print. The research project runs from January 1, 2024, through the Summer of 2027, and we accept Visiting Scholars throughout the entire project period. A Visiting Scholar must do research that aligns with the research of the DANI project. We unfortunately cannot cover any expenses, and we cannot pay Visiting Scholars. We do not have unlimited space or bandwidth for visits. And finally: we have not done this before, so we will work some things out as we go along.

Interested? Get in touch!